Don’t waste time and money, get the experts in first for your landscape plans

Don’t waste time and money, get the experts in first for your landscape plans


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Dreaming of a Designer Landscape?

We all love to watch the reality TV shows filling our imaginations with an instant garden. But how real is the outcome?

As a Landscape Architect, I see my clients at two stages. One is at the beginning of their landscape design journey, and the other is at the end.

The question is why would you need a designer at the end? It should all be finished and lived in. The stage at the end is always the most distressing for my new client, because their journey has gone ‘pear shaped’ and they ring me asking for help.


A Landscape Tale of Woe – don’t let this happen to you

Mr & Mrs Pear contact me in despair after having had their landscape designed and constructed by ABC Design and Construct. After reviewing ABC Design and Construct’s plans I discovered the following mistakes had been made and needed rectifying:

  • the Landscaper didn’t do their Local and State government research before designing the landscape.
  • the Landscaper’s provided a combined planting/concept plan which did not include, levels, engineer’s details, construction drawings, further, the planting aspect of the plan was incomplete without specifying the plants to be installed or number of plants specified. It was basically a pretty drawing which wasn’t fit for purpose, in other words it was a waste of paper!
  • It was never submitted to Council for approval, however it should have been.
  • Construction work was not completed to National Construction Code standards (NCC).

In the end the client has been forced to pay double the value of the landscaping, has suffered significant stress and inconvenience. Fortunately, they found Angela Maroney of Urban & Rural Design, who has helped many clients over a period of 30 years in the industry, finding themselves in a similar position. Our only regret is that they didn’t find us first!


Help is at Hand!

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