Landscape design for wellbeing!

The issue of WELLBEING or WELLNESS is a hot topic!

It encompasses both mental and physical health.

WELLBEING is the” state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, “whereas WELLNESS is the “active process of making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life”. The road to Wellbeing is different for each person.

Gardens can have a dynamic impact on reducing our stress levels by including a few appropriate design elements in your landscape design.

The first could be water as an element-this could be float bowl in an urban landscape, with a large water feature in a rural landscape.


Your most memorable holiday destination can be the impetus for your landscape design, providing countless memories, taking you back to that memorable destination. Incorporating activities in your outdoor space, this could be dedicated outdoor exercise elements for children and adults. Physical activity in your garden landscape can not only reduce stress but can be better than a gym workout! Sunlight is a mood improver and also provides vital Vitamin D.

Veggie gardens can provide not only physical activity but your own organic food source. The bonus is eating nutritious food and RE-CONNECTING with nature.

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