Living on the Australian coast near the beach is a wonderful experience, however it can be difficult to establish a coastal garden without information on local climate, plant selection and soil types As part of our design process we look into the local conditions and surroundings before embarking on a landscape design.

There are key elements to give your garden that modern coastal feel

  1. outdoor living spaces :part of the reason for living on the coast is to experience Nature and its elements – wind, salt spray and sandy soil . So we need to feel some protection by having comfortable spaces we can relax in designed with the elements in mind – this could be overhead protection of a deck by pergola or trees, privacy by using plants to screen
  2. natural materials such as wood, stone and gravel are used including metal in some instances to connect the coastal designed landscape with the natural surrounding landscape
  3. plantings : research and thought needs to go into plant choices . Examples are succulents, grasses and hardy shrubs that can withstand winds and spray
  4. retaining walls : used to create distinct functional areas to level a sloping block or assist with erosion and drainage issues
  5. lighting design: the landscape designed coastal garden should be used and seen in the evenings also! So lighting design would make some elements come to life

If you are in Sydney and want to talk about your coastal garden design please get in touch via my details below. EMAIL ANGELA: CALL ANGELA: 0416397258 We have experienced Landscape Architects, Horticulturists and Consulting Arborists ready to assist you with Landscape design and Landscape construction of your urban or rural landscape, travelling to the country and metropolitan areas in NSW, Victoria and Southern Queensland. modern coastal lansdcape design Sydney Sustralia modern coastal garden design Sydney Australia


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