What is more inviting than having an avenue of trees taking your guests to your house, it can create quite a journey! In the rural setting, the driveway can be long or short, with an avenue of trees as the ‘’cherry on top’’ of the landscape design.

In the urban landscape, an avenue of trees can be scaled down to the appropriate proportions of the house and block size —smaller trees or less trees planted. An ‘’allee’’ of trees can also be used in any garden size, to take the focus to a sculpture, water feature or outdoor built element at the end.

A new tree on the block for an avenue tree is Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’ or the Kanooka Gum. It is not the type of gum we usually know, with large branches, but with lush, evergreen foliage and sweet smelling yellow flowers. The best feature of this tree is the beautiful smooth whitish bark. It will tolerate a wide range of soils and a moister climate It is fairly fast growing and an extra bonus is it as an Australian native!

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