Rural landscapes present their own challenges and not just because of the larger size blocks, but these challenges can certainly be turned into RURAL DESIGN opportunities to make your large block or rural property a retreat for you to share with your family and friends.

Here are 7 tips for creating a functional as well as aesthetically beautiful rural landscape design:

  1. look around you …and take inspiration from your surroundings, whether that’s views to outside the site or views within your site or borrowing the neighbours’ view! The best connection from your block is to look at the natural features and incorporating them into the rural design, so there is continuity
  2. design outdoor spaces for reflection, recreation both active and passive, or edible garden design. Today firepits, swimming or plunge pools are very popular. The reason we live on larger blocks is because we love the outdoors, so make a connection between inside and out. This can be done by decks, paths or for landscaping ideas, planting design to take the eye further
  3. sustainable design is the buzzword in 2023 (see my post about How to drought proof your garden for some insights in that area), and it doesn’t have to be too complex or break the bank! For example, Rain gardens help stormwater runoff, reduce erosion and can have a wonderful planting scheme also
  4. design with Native plants that are local, so are adapted to the soil and climatic conditions. They will generally require less water than exotics.
  5. creating rooms or spaces with different functions can be achieved on rural properties, but it’s best to have an overall theme to create harmony for the property, this can be done by using a Masterplan style of landscape design.
  6. design features throughout : these can be water features, artwork installations, and pergolas. These can give a ‘sense of place’ to areas designed for our rural landscaping
  7. low maintenance planning –the most important aspect of any rural landscape design. Our retreats don’t want to turn into a headache where we are maintaining all the time and have no time to enjoy the spaces we’ve created

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