Dreaming of a Designer Landscape?

We all love to watch the reality TV shows filling our imaginations with an instant garden. But how real is the outcome?

As a Landscape Architect, I see my clients at two stages: One is at the beginning of their landscape design journey, and the other is at the end.

The question is why would you need a designer at the end? It should all be finished and lived in. The stage at the end is always the most distressing for my new client, because their journey has gone ‘pear shaped’ and they ring me asking for help.

Two of the biggest mistakes people make when embarking a landscape project is:

  1. First is not getting an experienced landscape professional – this could be a landscape architect or designer, building draftsman or engineer as part of the design team. Ask if any of their designs have been constructed, so it’s not just a pretty drawing you’re paying for but one that has been built and approved when required.
  2. The other huge mistake people make is not doing adequate research. This will avoid costly mistakes down the track – these could be; Council regulations, legal issues or soil and plant requirements specific to your project. If you need retaining walls, you need to know the location and height as this will determine if the landscape plan has to go to council for approval and if an engineer’s drawing is required.

A Landscape Tale of Woe – don’t let this happen to you

Mr & Mrs Wall contact me in despair after having had their landscape constructed by She’ll Be Right Landscapes. The consequences of landscape works being carried out without a survey plan and without Council approval caused tensions with Mr & Mrs Wall’s neighbours complaining (and rightly so) that:

  • Retaining walls had been built intruding onto their property, and
  • Adequate drainage had NOT been installed, as water was flowing through their garden.

The complaint alerted the Council to investigate the work completed without approval, also resulting in the Council finding many other issues in addition to those reported by the neighbours throughout the site. A significant issue being that the retaining walls were over the complying height without approval or inspection and large established trees had been removed from the front yard without approval.

She’ll Be Right Landscapes had not done any research, planning or sought relevant approvals prior to commencing work. Sadly, for these clients, the cost, inconvenience and stress is extensive with the Council commencing legal proceedings against them.

The client’s costs are escalating and will be extensive, well beyond the original cost due to costs of post-work plans and reports and demolition and rebuilding of landscaping works. The stress and inconvenience is huge but sadly, could have been avoided. Fortunately, they found Angela Maroney of Urban & Rural Design, who has helped many clients over a period of 30 years in the industry, finding themselves in a similar position. Our only regret is that they didn’t find us first!

Help is at Hand!

Get your FREE 20 MINUTE LANDSCAPE DISCOVERY PHONE CONSULTATION now and find out how Angela can help you navigate the landscape design process to avoid the pitfalls ensuring you get the outcome you deserve, on time and on budget.






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