The advantage of a holistic experience

Design is an essential component of the construction process. Any landscaper who tries to convince you otherwise is leading you up the garden path, pun intended. When you engage a landscape practice from consultation to concept to construction to completion you maximise your chances of achieving the best result.

You will experience continuity throughout the entire duration of the process, having a consultant who understands not only your own personal needs and desires for your finished garden, but the unique opportunities and constraints your site provides. You will save time, and money, by exploring and defining your project on paper and developing a clear plan to work from.

Your design consultant, who also has a thorough knowledge of construction techniques, will design with the end product in mind and an accurate plan gives a much clearer picture of the time and cost involved to create it.

The role of a Landscape Architect is to provide a bridge between the client and the contractor, to actively listen and provide options not opinions so that the most effective path to realisation can be followed. When you consider the creation of your ‘dream garden’ you should also consider the advantages that a holistic experience will provide.


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